Beaming across the pond

Your boy’s making it big-time! As long as big-time means 1:30 AM radio interviews in the UK. Allow me to explain.

At the end of September, my second article for Massive went up. I was pretty excited to talk about the source paper ever since I found it, and since my first article for them was kind of scathing, it was nice to write a glowing perspective on a really neat research idea. Anyways, you can read the article here. As a funny aside, I performed the crucial last rounds of editing in between back-to-back drives across the state of Florida. Not optimal, but where there’s a will there’s a way. The article went up, I was happy, Massive was happy, and I thought that was it.

A couple weeks later, on a Friday night while I was enjoying unwinding from a long week of experiments, I was contacted by a young BBC radio producer asking if I’d like to be interviewed live on their radio program[me]. I was floored, both because of the nice buzz I had going as well as the novelty of the situation. I had to say yes, right? The next day, October 7th, we worked out the details, and I re-read my article and the original paper. At about 8:20 EST (1:20 GMT) I phoned in, waited on the line while a tabloid reporter gabbed about Brexit politics, and then bam! All of a sudden, host Dotun Adebayo was introducing our segment, and so it began. I cribbed the audio from the temporary BBC5 link (as long as the link still works, the interview begins at about 25:40), but if that’s not copacetic I’m happy to take it down.

Overall, despite being a bit anxious I am happy with how it went. I wish I’d mentioned sooner or more clearly that taste was the output of the test, and I also wish I’d said fascinating a few less times. But not too bad for my first time on an international late-night news program[me], eh? Hopefully I’ll get another shot at some point. I’ll also mention that the Massive article also got additional run on Salon the same day (in the states, anyways) as the BBC interview. That’s also cool!

As you can see by scrolling through the brief history of this blog, I’ve only been going about this business of writing and communicating science for about eight months, and I’m proud of what I’ve written so far. Those who know me know I’m generally self-deprecating, and in truth I’m much more humble than you would understand. I couldn’t have done what I’ve done so far without the additional platform that Massive has given me, and the editing of both Nadja Oertelt and Kira Goldenberg; as well as the support from my friends and family who read my blog-screeds about phytonutrients. And I really think I will continue to improve as a writer and communicator, so please keep reading 🙂

Now back to writing my PhD thesis, which is due in less than a week…