The NFL is worse than trans fat

This began as a Facebook comment about the NIH-NFL “unrestricted gift” debacle. Since no one wants to read really long Facebook comments and I haven’t posted anything in a while (c’mon, I’m trying to finish a PhD here!), I thought I’d edit it up and post it here even though it’s not within the purview of this blog. Many of my ideas come from a sudden burst of passion on a topic, so in that respect this has a similar genesis to other posts that have appeared and will appear here. For the nine or ten people that read everything I write here, enjoy!  Continue reading “The NFL is worse than trans fat”

Everything is made of soy

Given soy’s ubiquity in our lives and diets, I thought it would be instructive to explore how those fields of beans become nondescript additives creeping into so much of our Western diet. “Processed foods” is a bit of a black box but by looking at this one food source I can show you that it actually supports massive swaths of our agricultural and food systems, and a bit of what this means for our diet.

Soy processing for food applications

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